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Antisnor Acupressure Ring

How it works

The Antisnor Ring is a non-invasive sterling silver ring that is worn on the little finger of the left hand whilst sleeping.

It involves the link between the central nervous system (CNS) and the muscular system. The nerves link the CNS to the limbs and organs.

It works on the principle of pressure applied to the ulnar nerve while sleeping. The ulnar nerve is directly responsible for the activation of the muscles of the airways.

The ulnar nerve is the largest, unprotected, most vulnerable nerve in the body and is easily activated by pressure. This nerve is directly connected to the little finger.

During an awake state breathing is maintained by increased muscle activity of the pharynx and larynx as well as the genioglossus muscle at the base of the tongue.

During sleep, these muscles relax and do not give support for normal breathing through the nose, the mouth opens and slackens, air hits the throat at an angle with excessive force causing vibrations of the soft palate which leads to snoring.

By innervating the nerves to activate the supporting muscles into an “awake” state – normal breathing activity is restored, thereby dramatically reducing the tendency to snore or eliminating snoring completely!

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Simply wear the  Ring on the recommended small finger of the left hand (the heart arm) and adjust the ring to a firm but gentle pressure.  Best applied half an hour before bed.
Limit usage to no more than 12 hours per day.

Results may vary from individual to individual.

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