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Cape Town Information

Climate / Weather
Cape Town weather can best be described as "Mediterranean". An ideal medical tourism destination, the Mother City boasts dry, hot summers - perfect for exploring the many marvels of the Western Cape.

From November to March there is little rain and more than 11 hours of sunshine per day. Summer evenings stretch idly by with the sun setting as late as 9pm.

Now Surgical Bliss offers you the opportunity to show off your newly sculpted figure on a blissful beach holiday once you recover from your cosmetic surgery in South Africa.

During spring (September and October) and autumn (April and May), the weather is balmy and nature is at its finest. While our winters (June August) can be rather stormy, there are plenty temperate days in between.

Winter is the best time to enjoy the Cape Floral Kingdom as it blooms and to spot the Southern Right Whales cavorting in the waves off the coast..

Warm or chilly, Cape Town is a great medical tourism destination in any weather. Enjoy cool cocktails at sunset in the summer, or stay indoors and enjoy a sumptuous meal near the fireplace on long winter nights.

Average summer temperature 24.3C
Average winter temperature 18,5C
Average 7,5 - 9,5 hours of sunshine daily

The local currency is the South African Rand (R). The exchange rate fluctuates and favours stronger foreign currencies. This allows you the perfect opportunity to have affordable cosmetic surgery done abroad.

South Africa enjoys a very modern and sophisticated banking system - ATM machines are well distributed and accept most international bank- and credit cards. Most restaurants, hotels and shops also accept major credit cards and foreign exchange facilities are easily available. .

Cape Town is no different to any other major city in the rest of the world. Visitors are advised to exercise caution and be careful at all times. As your hosts in Cape Town, we will ensure that your medical accommodation is in secure areas.

As a member of Cape Town Tourism we will also be able to advise you and support you should any concerns arise about your safety or surgery in Cape Town.

Visa requirements
Make sure you possess the appropriate visitors permit when you enter South Africa.
Download the information on the requirements for medical treatment visas guideline.

Cape Town is a city of great ethnical diversity, but English is understood and spoken by the largest part of the community. Other indigenous languages spoken in the region include Afrikaans and Xhosa.
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