Relax on a whale watching trip after your Cosmetic Surgery in Cape Town South Africa.
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Cape Town Whale Watching

Companies such as Surgical Bliss are well versed in the burgeoning field of medical tourism. So it is no surprise that one of the most relaxing activates on their list is also the most recommended for the healing patient. When you arrive in Cape Town in late winter and early spring (July to October), Cape Town has already become one of the best whale watching sites in the world.

The Southern Right Whale and other whale species visit Cape waters seasonally, to calve and nurture its offspring. Whale sightings are a common occurrence from most parts of the Cape Peninsula during this time and where you are most likely to spot a whale as you drive along the coast.

These majestic mammals are known to breach out of the water and if you have a camera in hand, you might be able to capture this truly magical sight.

This trip is well worth the hour and a half drive to the magnificent coastal town of Hermanus. This fascinating town takes pride in hosting an annual Whale Festival in September that can only be described as magical.

Take advantage of cosmetic surgery in South Africa and get to experience the many wonders of nature which Cape Town has to offer.
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