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Botox Treatment - Cosmetic Surgery

Procedure Summary
Estimated time of arrival 1 day prior to procedure
Duration of hospital stay 0 Days
Estimated length of stay in Cape Town Minimum 3 days
BOTOX® is botulium toxin Type A, the product name for the purified form of a bacteria produced Clostridium Botulinum. There are thought to be many associated risks connected to BOTOX® but it has only had excellent safety reports. In the earlier days of BOTOX® treatment, there were indeed some risk involved, but thanks to the many innovations in the cosmetic surgery field, these related dangers have been ironed out successfully. Now, surgical facilitators around the world can smooth out problem areas with this miracle toxin.

BOTOX® is chiefly used for the treatment of facial wrinkles, helping to smooth out the glabellar ( the smooth area between the eyebrows just above the nose), the area around the eyes, as well as crow's feet. It is injected in tiny doses and this in turn paralyses the specific muscles which cause the appearance of these unsightly wrinkles. The effect is that the overlying skin becomes smooth and unwrinkled, as if youth has been injected into the folds of the skin. This treatment only works on the specific muscles that have been injected, which leaves the adjacent muscles functioning as per usual, as a result normal facial expression is not affected, but there will be some residual tightness after the initial injections. Luckily, this side-effect usually wears off in less than a day.

You will start to notice the changes within three to seven days of treatment. This minor and affordable cosmetic surgery will last for roughly four to six months but some patients have reported the results lasting for over a year. If the patient wishes to repeat the surgery, the BOTOX® injections can be repeated safely as frequently as desired. BOTOX® is administered on an outpatient basis, directly in the plastic surgeon's consulting rooms. It is also used as an additional procedure alongside more complicated surgeries such as a facelift or a tummy tuck. A further interesting titbit regarding the use of BOTOX® is the way that celebrities make use of it. When they travel to South Africa to have plastic surgery abroad, they will use the BOTOX® to keep their heels hard and strong for high-heeled shoes, by injecting it directly into the balls of their feet. Also, injecting BOTOX® directly into the armpit will stop all production of moisture, effectively making underarms sweat free.

Many patients will notice that the injection is only somewhat painful and is often diluted with a local anaesthetic, which causes a temporary numbness for about an hour. Small-bore needles are used as well, thereby minimising the area of effect. Other side effects are minor, such as a slight pain on injection and the occasional mild bruising, but this in no way a direct correlation to either the age or the health of the patient. This is a very popular procedure and it is relatively safe compared to most plastic surgery procedures in South Africa and doctors who perform cosmetic surgery in Cape Town are well versed in the trade of BOTOX®.
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