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With cosmetic dentistry, your smile will be as dazzling as you are! Do you want to feel safe and taken care of, do you need to let the world just stand still while your teeth are given new life? Well, then this is the dental practice for you. This is a rare place where you can kick back with a fresh cappuccino while you wait, or enjoy your favourite movie or music while your teeth get ‘the works’. No funny smells, only modern technology and comfort. Please read below and discover a few of the groundbreaking surgeries we offer:

Examination and smile analysis:
This is a comprehensive examination using modern technological advances, including: digital X-ray system, intra oral camera and Diagnodent to diagnose any problems as well as providing treatment plans for possible improvement to function and aesthetics.

Crowns and veneers:
This is performed in the same visit with Cerec Cad Cam.

Tooth whitening:
ZOOM! 2 – as seen on Extreme Makeover USA. By applying hydrogen peroxide to the tooth surface, stains are removed. This is done in-chair and takes up to an hour. There is also the option for a home kit – similar to in-chair teeth whitening but at a lower concentrate over seven to ten days.

Implant restoration:
Lost teeth are replaced by placing a titanium screw into the jawbone - once fully integrated the porcelain crown is placed to restore full function and aesthetics.

Preventative dentistry:
This includes oral hygiene education as well as scaling and polishing.

Totally metal-free dentistry:
White fillings are used to aesthetically repair minor defects in teeth. We do not offer amalgam (metal) fillings.

TMJ problem treatment:
Patients with grinding problems can be helped with a bite plate. In certain cases, sedation is used for nervous patients.

About Our Dentist:
He qualified at the University of Stellenbosch in 2000. After working in the U.K. for two and a half years, he returned to South Africa and finished his Community Services in Port Elizabeth. Back in Cape Town, he worked with various cosmetic dentistry practices before opening his own successful practice in the year of 2005.

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