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Lymphoedema Treatment

What is Lymphoedema?
Do you have a swollen limb?

Our bodies have a network of lymph vessels that carry lymph fluid from all our body parts to the veins near the heart. These Lymph vessels are connected to the lymph nodes which help fight infection by filtering out and removing bacteria, dead or abnormal cells before returning the lymph fluid to the blood stream.
When these vessels do not work efficiently, due to lymph node damage or removal, lymph fluid can build up in the tissues and cause swelling.
This is Lymphodema.

Surgical Bliss offers treatments for Lymphoedema by the means of therapist that have been especially trained to get reduce the size of the swelling.

What can you do for treatment?

  1. Manual Lymph drainage
  2. Compression bandaging ( must be done by a professional)
  3. Exercises
  4. Skin Care moisturize he skin
  5. Self care wearing support hose, taking care of yourself.

If you have a swollen limb, contact Surgical Bliss so we can ensure that you receive the best care by professionals that have been trained to treat compromised Lymphatic systems.

Usually this can happen in oncology cases, when nodes are removed.
Send us your medical history and photographs to and let us assist you.

We treat people from all over the world.

Denise from Surgical Bliss is a breast cancer survivor and she suffers from Lymphoedema in her arm. It is under control now as she consulted professionals to assist her with this problem.
She wears a support stocking and it has changed her life.

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