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Surgical Facelift

Procedure Summary
Estimated time of arrival 2 Days prior to surgery
Duration of Hospital Stay 1 Day
Estimated length of stay in Cape Town Minimum 10 Days
Out of all the affordable cosmetic surgery procedures regularly performed by surgeons in Cape Town, facelifts are probably the most well-known. Contemporary surgical facelift methods have done away with the 'mask-like' results of the past and surgeons now merely restore a youthful appearance by tightening facial muscles and removing excess skin to enhance naturally refined facial contours.

More and more individuals are electing to have cosmetic surgery abroad and Cape Town is fast becoming a favourite medical tourism destination due to our skilled surgeons and favourable exchange rate. If you elect to have your facelift performed by a South African surgeon, the surgical facilitators at Surgical Bliss will assist you in making contact. Upon evaluation of your individual case, certain factors such as your age, skin condition, as well as facial- shape and contours will be taken into consideration. The surgeon will then discuss the outcomes you can expect. As soon as you have been approved for the procedure you may book your passage to Cape Town.

Upon arrival you will have a pre-operative consultation with your surgeon. Only at this stage will all the final decisions regarding the exact procedure be made. Your physician may, for instance, advise that you undergo eyelid surgery or a brow life in conjunction with the facelift after assessing the skin condition and underlying fatty tissue. At this point patients are also given the opportunity to meet with the anaesthetist to discuss their various anaesthetic options before the surgery. Now your surgery in Cape Town can be scheduled.

A facelift procedure generally takes about three to four hours and is usually performed under IV sedation or a general anaesthetic. Surgery is frequently performed on an 'out patient' basis although overnight stay in hospital may be required in some cases.

There are many variations of face lift surgery. Typically incisions are made within the hairline above the ear, continuing down around the earlobes and then extending behind the ear back into the hairline. These incisions are made within the hairline in order to minimise scarring, and are balanced on either side of the face. The surgeon then probes under the skin to remove fat deposits, tighten muscle bands and reposition tissue to ensure lasting results. The skin is then re-draped as required, trimmed as required and sutures or staples are used to close the incision. As mentioned earlier, the surgeon may incorporate eyelid surgery into the procedure if necessary. Finally a bulky, supportive dressing and face-band are applied to support the re-elevated facial tissues; while drains are positioned to drain excess fluids.

Although facelift surgery has a very short recovery time, prominent plastic surgeons in Cape Town still advise that patients take the time to fully recuperate before attempting to engage in their normal day-to-day activities. On the first day after surgery the initial dressings will be lessened and the drains removed. An elastic band should then be worn for a week or two in order to minimise swelling and to stabilise the neck contour. Sutures are removed within five to seven days and by the second week any swelling should have lessened considerably.

Affordable cosmetic surgery procedures like a facelift require fairly intensive post-operative attention and as surgical facilitators we advise that our clients stay in Cape Town for at least 10 to 14 days subsequent to surgery.
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