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Procedure Summary
Estimated time of arrival 3 days prior to surgery
Duration of hospital stay 0-1 Days
Estimated length of stay in Cape Town Minimum 10 days
Liposuction is a procedure which has become a fantastic operation which entices many visitors to have plastic surgery abroad in South Africa. Lipoplasty however, is a term which covers all procedures that are used to reshape or mould body fat. Liposuction is simply the procedure whereby body fat is removed though suction to give a desired body contour. It is a very popular and safe procedure for removing stubborn body fat which is resistant to diet and exercise (most often the tummy, saddlebags, thighs and neck).

The ideal patient for this affordable cosmetic surgery would be someone who is of a normal weight for their height, with good skin and muscle tone and whose fatty deposits are resistant to dieting. A person with loose, saggy skin and stretch marks is considered a poor candidate for liposuction as the results depend on the skin having enough elasticity to shrink once the fat has been removed. Liposuction should never be an alternative to dieting, rather as a means to toning the body. Common locations for liposuction includes: chin, cheeks, neck, upper arms, above the breasts, abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, knees, calves and ankles.

Once you have decided that this is a procedure that you wish to have done and that you would like to have it done by our cosmetic surgeons in Cape Town, please submit an enquiry form so that we can initiate the consultation process between yourself and your surgeon. You will be required to fill in a detailed medical enquiry form and submit it together with digital photos as required by the surgeon. You will have the opportunity to communicate with your surgeon when deciding on the procedure.

Once you arrive for your surgery in Cape Town, you will meet with your surgeon for a pre-operative consultation where the final decisions will be made regarding your surgery. Measurements and pre-operative photos will be taken and the surgeon will advise you on the realistic expectations of your procedure. You will also have an opportunity to meet with the anaesthetist to discuss your anaesthetic options before surgery.

Before undergoing your procedure, you will visit an occupational therapist to have a customised pressure garment made for you to wear post-operatively. You will take this with to hospital on the day of your procedure. Surgery is usually performed as a day case; only when undergoing an extensive liposuction will you be required to spend a night in hospital. Usually you will have a general anaesthetic, although local anaesthesia can also be used. Before your plastic surgery in Cape Town, the surgeon will have you stand and will mark the areas to be suctioned. Once you are anaesthetised or sedated the procedure will begin. Large volumes of fluid (containing diluted local anaesthetic and adrenaline) are injected into the tissues to be suctioned.

This technique serves to replace fluids lost to suction, provides prolonged local anaesthesia and minimises bleeding by vasoconstriction. The surgeon then makes small incisions (that are well hidden), and uses small diameter (3-4mm) blunt tipped rods to suction the fat out, until the desired contour is achieved. Surgical times may vary from one to three hours depending on the extent of the problem.

Post-operatively you will be wearing your pressure garment when you wake up. You will wear this garment for six weeks, day and night for the first three weeks and day or at night for the next three weeks. This garment helps to shrink the skin and ensures a good result. Any swelling usually subsides after seven days, although bruising may last three weeks or longer. After the surgery in Cape Town, we would advise patients to remain in South Africa for a recovery period of ten days.

Liposuction is a safe procedure in the hands of our experienced cosmetic surgeon in Cape Town, with only minor post-operative discomfort. We at Surgical Bliss have personally selected surgeons with great reputations, ones who are very experienced in their field. These surgeons adhere to the recommendations of correct patient selection and not removing too much fat, or doing too many body areas at once.

Although a significant improvement should be seen within a week of the surgery, the final result may take several weeks or months to manifest, as the healing process continues for up to a year. Our surgical facilitators will of course, do their best to accommodate you during your period of healing.
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