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Surgery South Africa - Testimonials


My family and I have been using Surgical Bliss for the past three years due to the lack of medical expertise in Tanzania. Every year, we return home very happy and satisfied with the high level of service that Surgical Bliss provides. Not only are they very professional but they are also extremely kind and friendly. I found that I have grown to build a personal relationship with these wonderful people due to their warm hospitality. They truly are like family when you are away from home and your loved ones. They do more than what is needed of them to ensure that your visit is comfortable and stress free. Surgical Bliss has gone above and beyond what we expected and we thank them dearly for their assistance every single time. I would highly recommend Surgical Bliss to all my friends and family.

Dar Es Salaam 2016



I would like to thank you for all your kindness, friendship and support given to us, as well as Marion and Lucy who are lovely ladies. Please send them my regards. Me and my family had the best treatment and support.

Just to share a bit of my experience with Bliss, from the first contact we made with Denise up to today, we can say that all went smoothly and perfect. They are definitely a medical service provider that we highly recommend.
The whole process was carried in a professional way, but most of all, in a friendly and supportive way, because they clearly acknowledge how sensitive the issues around aesthetic surgeries are.

From the first step of getting different Doctor and hotel quotations, all done via email and skype conversations, up to the decision of what Doctor to choose, Denise's facilitation was impressive. Then came their warm reception, so important for people coming from overseas. They drove to the consultations, visited us at the clinic, took us to the post-operative nursing guest house. These are just some of the services they can provide.

Having a Doctor assisting you personally, in a home environment, after a surgery,was very helpful and restful.
Well, dear friend Denise, it was really a decision I do not regret at all, thanks to your good service, professionalism and to the lovely person you are. I wish you all the best in life.

Sonia ( Angola)2015



Everything has healed beautifully. I cannot speak highly enough of the Dr, his staff and the care I received. Most people don't realise I have had a facelift and just keep saying how well I look.

Facelift, Australia March 2013



We chose Surgical Bliss from the Internet and were delighted with the efficiency of the Fertility Assessment process and the accommodation options. Although we were taking a holiday at the same time we chose the cheaper option of Bed and Breakfast to ensure we could afford to stay longer if the ICIS process did not work first time. We were met at the airport, and booked into a really friendly and comfortable Guest House, near the beach and restaurants of Cape Town. We were then taken to our initial appointment to meet our specialist, who was most helpful and reassuring. The rest of the treatment ran very smoothly under the watchful eye of Denise and her team to a successful result. Surgical Bliss certainly removed the stress of planning and finding good quality treatment and a pleasant place to stay. There were no unexpected extra charges so the treatment and the holiday came exactly to our budget. We are planning to use them again for some cosmetic surgery next year.

Tony and Irene Perris

UK 2013



A day after submitting my enquiry on the Surgical Bliss website, Denise contacted me by phone in Lubumbashi where I was at the time and spoke to me about my expectations. From there, she sent me information and quotations for the different procedures and even arranged an alternative consultation in Johannesburg to fit my busy schedule. Once I set the date, she arranged all my itinerary within the time period I gave her. Once in Capetown, all itinerary was according to schedule. She had picked some of the best doctors to attend to my requirements. In the meantime Denise and I had become really good friends seeing each other every single day and she, always calling to find out if I was doing okay and when not, she did the very best to ensure it was, including delivering me medication when I had an unexpected fever in the night. She took me to all my procedures and was there with me through all of them. Having travelled alone this was just priceless.

All procedures went well, the 2 Keratoconus procedures, Ferrar rings and Crosslinking although mainly intended to stabilise the cornea already yielded significant improvement of my sight within 3 weeks. The breast augmentation results totally exceeded my expectations, as I was very nervous about the outcome.

I am really glad to have chosen Surgical Bliss. Denise, you and your service was just priceless...... Thank you very much!

Nigella Alexandre

Lusaka (Zambia) / Lubumbashi (DR Congo) 2013



Denise is the ideal person to help people go through aesthetic surgery. She has exceptional human qualities; she takes care of her clients holistically and with compassion, understanding and patience. Before choosing Surgical Bliss, I did a lot of researches and contacted some private medical tourism companies; every one of them had an attitude of business and money-centered, Denise was this only one who showed sympathy and empathy. Before booking, I asked her so many questions and she was always patient and available to answer very quickly and effectively.

In Cape Town, during my stay, Denise was always there for me when I needed. She was even there to help me to carry my groceries bags or to give me a lift to the shops or everywhere I wanted after the doctor appointments. Nursing care, doctor appointments and airport transfers were perfectly organised.

Denise is a natural and deep person and in this world of aesthetic surgery which is sometimes a superficial and cruel world, Denise is like the friend you need to have a pleasant and comforting recovery. She visited me the two days just after surgery to the nursing care and she texted me every day to ask if I needed something.

I did breasts augmentation and liposuction. I was a bit nervous about doing it because this is my body and I was feeling some guilt and shame. Denise helped me to reduce those feelings of fear, stress and guilt and she referred me the right doctor. After the first appointment with the surgeon, I had only great feelings about my decision and today, I am very very happy with the results.

I highly recommend Surgical Bliss because this gives you the guarantee to live an experience without any stress, without any fears, without any judgments from anyone. Denise makes things easy and will be always there for you during your stay and even after!


France 2012



Working periodically in the UK and living in Johannesburg, one may wonder why I chose Surgical Bliss, a Cape Town based company, to help me achieve a much wished for facelift. Apart from wanting privacy, I needed someone to ‘hold my hand’ and Denise was just the person to do that.

My first area of concern was affordability. As I lived in Johannesburg, accommodation and tourism were not a huge priority for me. Denise took all this into account and structured a package which was very good and made it possible for me to justify travelling to Cape Town.

Everything was well organised - airport transfers, doctor appointments, nursing care and even lifts to the shops! It was really reassuring to know Denise was ‘on tap’ and so flexible and accommodating to my needs.

Selecting a surgeon is probably the hardest and most important part of going through something as life-changing as plastic surgery. This was another reason I wanted to involve someone who was ‘in the know’ and Denise really stepped up to the job with her recommendation. I am very pleased with the results.

I highly recommend using Surgical Bliss to anyone wanting a stress-free experience and can only thank Denise for making everything run so smoothly.


UK /Johannesberg Facelift and Blepharoplasty 2012



Dear, Denise,

Thank you very much for being there for us the three times we have visited cape town to see the orthopadec surgion for my daughter Natasha.I dont know what i would done without you. You got for us the orthopadaec doctor,and you sent for us the relevant documents needed for the visas within a flash.When we arrived at the cape town airport, you were there to pick us up and took us to the apartment which was in a very good place and security was perfect. This made us feel like we were born there.The next morning you took us to the hospital,waited there with us as our daughter was undergoing the operation which took about 5hours.You left in the evening,and the next day you came to the hospital very early in the morning and left again in the evening. You used to come every morning and would spend the day with us untill were discharged. Thank you for being with us every step 0f the way for the three times we have visited cape time.

You organised several site visiting .Table mountain,cape of good hope wine tasting in vineyards and many other places you took us.We were very comfortable untill we forgot we had come to the hospital.

I would recommend anyone visiting cape town for holiday or hospital and needs proper facilitation to contact Denise of surgical bliss. They offer services which are beyond ones expectations. Thank you for taking care of us and being there for us all the time.We apprciate all.We are coming again in APRIL for the review. See you then.

Best Regards
Nairobi 2011

After I arrived in Cape Town after a long flight, alone and seriously questioning why I had decided to take on the process of attempting to make myself look younger! I had told nobody what I was doing apart from the woman who had called me from Surgical Bliss. As I made my way through customs looking for my Surgical Bliss contact, I wondered if they would have a big sign showing the company name with my name marked below! Oh no! Everyone would know why I was coming here! I was frightened and wanted to turn around and go back to 'safety'. Apparently this sense of anxiety is usual. However, I felt it ebb away as I walked through the doors into the waiting arms of the wonderful Denise Hoogervorst. She had no big sign with the words FACE LIFT LADY, just a lovely smile and reassuring presence. Denise made me feel comfortable and welcome; I knew straight away that she was competent, caring and working in my best interests. She ensured I was informed and comfortable about the entire process . What Denise gave me was a sense of security in a strange place, she was with me throughout my stay and she ensured that my decisions were informed. On a personal level, I feel the time I spent there was enhanced by the delightful company of Denise and this, coupled with the fact that she offered a service that was flawless, made the whole experience a very positive one. I could wax lyrically about the super services Surgical Bliss offer, but as a woman doing something alone and trusting another woman to help, the most important component of the entire experience was Denise cared!

Thank you Denise, for your support, your help and the wonderful South African food and wine! I chose the best possible person to guide me through this process and I know that if I ever decide to 'tweak' something other facial folds, it will be you and Surgical Bliss that I would turn to for help.

Face Lift – from the UK 2011

Good Day Denise (from the land Downunder) !
Thank you for taking such great care of me before, during & after my operation (face-lift). It gave me a great deal of peace of mind and confidence knowing you were just a phone call away. The accomodation was also superb - much better than I could have arranged myself from Sydney. 

I feel great and the tenderness is becoming less every day ! My friends can't quite figure out why I don't look so tired and haggard anymore and part of the quick recovery was because YOU personally made it so stressfree !

I particulary appreciated the clinic and airport transfers as well.

May you continue to grow and prosper as you are providing a fantastic service to us.  

Bernadette  and  I found  Surgical  Bliss  through  an  internet  search on Plastic  surgeons ,Capetown.Denise  responded  directly  by  telephone  and  quickly  had  our  trip organized using  only  outline  directions  from  ourselves. All  aspects of  the  trip exceeded  our  expectations including  the  quality of Surgeon’s  and nurses at the Clinic,  the  accommodation and  all  the  transport arrangements.

I  would  recommend  anyone who is considering  medical  care  in Capetown to  use  Denise  at  Surgical  Bliss   who  really  took  care  of  all  the  details  and  made  our  whole  visit, which  we  combined  with  a  holiday  ,  thoroughly enjoyable.

Thankyou Denise,

Colin  ( UK)  2011 


"I found Surgical Bliss to be a absolutely superb combination of top professionalism and a genuine caring attitude toward the patient. From the time I was met at the airport, through my appointments, through my surgery and recovery, I KNEW I was in good hands with Denise. She manages to instill both calm and confidence (which is hard to do when someone is nervous about a procedure). The outpatient care that Denise set up was excellent as well and if I ever have surgery again in South Africa—I will ONLY go to Denise and Surgical Bliss to make all the arrangements."

Thank you Denise

Jenny S, USA

Hello Denise
"Dit gaan baie goed is al wee terug by die werk en als wee soos normaal.
Met myself gaan dit ook goed ek doen wee wat ek kon doen. En dit lyk fantasties is nie vir een oomblik spyt nie.
Baie dankie vi al jou moeite en bystand wardeer dit so baie!"

Leilani, Namibia

"I performed an internet search, found the advertisement for Surgical Bliss and kept returning to your website. What really impressed me was the information about the surgeons that was available. When I contacted you, your friendly, competent and customer service manner put my mind at ease.
When I told you what I was interested in doing, you took care of everything.
Not only were my procedures virtually pain free, every detail of my vacation was confirmed.

I will definitely recommend Surgical Bliss to my friends and colleagues and look forward to taking advantage of your service in the future."

Jennifer - USA

"I had a my nose fixed in Cape Town with Surgical BLiss and the experience was really blissful, I had no inconvieniences with getting anywhere, I am quite a stressful person when things are not done exactly right, but they were, and the experience was wonderful. I can barely remember pain or having to worry about anything. If yo're gonna get surgery, it might as well be the Sugical Bliss

Thank you Denise for making the trip and surgery a piece of cake, and being
with me every step of the way XOXO Luv u."

Aamena - Malawi

"Dear Denise & Kim, Thank you so much for making our trip so wonderful. We appreciate the way Kim has been with me all along through the procedure and after care. Your professionalism coupled with personal care and emotional support while going through the procedure was truely appreciated. Thank you so much for everything."

Rubaba Pasha - Canada

"Hello from this end,

Just to let you know that it was the greatest pleasure for us to meet you, we did enjoy being with you people. We are very happy for your kindness and help, we are already missing you, but know that out of side is not out of mind we shall always keep in touch and hope we are going to do lots of business together. Greet your family and lovely husband for us alots of love ."

IRINE - Cameroon

"Thanks Denise,

You guys made our stay in SA very nice and your service was excellent. Kim took care of us very well. We will definitely come to Cape Town again and we hope to see you. Thanks again."

IVf treatment

"Hi Kim,

Nice to hear from you, hope your anniversary was electric and that you both had lots of fun? I'm glad you like the cd's. Richards was very helpful please thank him again for me. My check up was good infact Dr says we've progressed 90%, just 10% more and then we can try the IVF please continue to pray for us, thank you too for all the arrangements and greetings to your hubby and kids.

My next appointment should be in January, so will see you then, God willing,
Love, Helen."

"Hi Kim,

I am just writing to say hello and to thank you for your kindness. People like you are scarce and your kindness is really appreciated by both me and my husband, we couldn’t stop talking about you since we came back. Thank you once again."

Evelyn - Namibia

"Dear Kim

Thanks for your support, you can not imagine how much it means to us."

Love you,Sue
USA (donor egg recipient)

"Dear Kim

Thank you for all the care and attention that you gave us during the 10 days we were in Cape Town. I am sorry that we have not given you this thanks earlier; we are in some chaos in moving houses and so paper (and your e-mail) gets lost easily.

Thanks again."

"I am Gontle from Namibia.
For two years now I have travelled to South Africa for medical reasons. I am introduced to Kim to help me. The flat I rent has all the facilities you need in a house and friendly environment. The flat is also close to the Presidents house in a very safe area. I do not have any difficulty with transport as Kim is transporting me to the hospital and some shopping centers. Kim is a very warm, friendly, cool person. A sort of person you need when you are at an unknown place. I will always use her services if I am in Cape Town."


The following is an excerpt from a letter of thanks that we received from one of our satisfied clients:

Dear Denise,

We would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude towards you and the rest of the team at Surgical Bliss for your excellent service. We were informed of your services by Ms Lalena Mitchley of the Cape Hip and Knee Clinic and haven’t regretted our decision to sign up with Surgical Bliss for a second.

Our inquiry was tended to swiftly and your knowledge of both the travel and medical industries proved invaluable. As foreigners we were grateful to have access to your expertise, professional manner and friendly attitude. It eased our dealings with the respective medical department considerably and gave us peace of mind while we enjoyed our pre and post operative leisure time that you so competently arranged.

Your dedication to the needs of your clients is admirable. We felt cared for and treasured during our stay and believe that without your input our trip would have been complicated and dull.

We would gladly recommend Surgical Bliss to any interested individuals and would advise them to take full advantage of your services in order to experience a great African holiday prior to dealing with surgical matters. Prospective clients can rest easy that if any emergency situation should arise, Denise and her team are more than equipped to handle it.

We greatly appreciate all your help and attention during our stay in South Africa and we sincerely wish you good luck and continued growth of business.

With great respect and pleasure,

Marina Anischenko and Irina Nekrashevich
Apt.7, 27 Morskaya St.
Russia, 683000

Hi Denise

A short note of thanks re' the professional conduct of Surgical Bliss. I was and remain impressed with the services offered by your team.

Your web site was my first point of contact with your team, providing me with all the information that I required, as I did not have the time to independently investigate the medical services offered in South Africa.

I was further impressed by your prompt response to my enquiry and referral to a suitable doctor. The high standard of preoperative and follow up care that my mother received was superb, allowing me to leave the country reassured that she would be well cared for, and attended to, in my absence.

I remain grateful that my mother was never informed of the cost involved (as the surgery was a gift), and that she received such close monitoring throughout the process. I will definitely refer others to Surgical Bliss.

Many thanks
Liza Brown- Waterson
(Cosmetic Surgery)

"My first contact with surgical bliss was so nice.

I did appreciate their availability and their efficiency in organising my appointment, surgery and accommodation. Everything was done through email and phone communication. Denise was so helpful and you could feel how she wanted things to be perfect, transparent and ready for my arrival.

At Cape Town Airport a charming and smiling lady, Denise, was waiting for us. From that moment I felt secure. That was my first time in Cape Town. Always on time, she cared for me and my daughter of 7 years. She accommodated us in a charming and quiet guest house (not easy amidst the world cup season). People were so lovely.

Kim! Oh I love her, always smiling with a good story to make me feel comfortable and so open minded.

CARE AND PROFESSIONALISM for me that is SURGICAL BLISS motto and I mean it.

Now I have a serious problem with my daughter, 'Mummy, when are we going to Cape Town again?'..."

Madeleine from Democratic of Congo(DRC) - Eye Surgery
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